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Whether your electrical needs involve repairs, installations or upgrades, we are your go-to electrical contractor in Marshall, VA and surrounding area. We always provide service with a smile and routinely go beyond your expectations to make sure the job is done to your enthusiastic satisfaction. We take pride in our work and place personal value in a job well done. Give us a call and we’ll deliver exceptional workmanship at unbeatable prices. Our licensed, insured contractors are ready to go!

Fire and Shock Protection:

While your lighting, appliances and electronics might be functioning just fine, there still exists a risk of fire and/or shock every time you turn on an appliance. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile for your own peace of mind to protect your family against such potential dangers? The National Electrical Code now requires that shock and fire protection be built in to homes as a safety measure.


Both of these important safety tools function to shut off power and thwart risk of an electrical fire. An AFI breaker monitors electrical currents (for instance that occur when you turn on the lights) and protects your home specifically against fires caused by these irregularities caused in these currents. A GFCI breaker reduces the risk of shocks. It operates by automatically shutting the electrical circuit when it detects a shock hazard. It goes without saying that there is no price tag for the peace of mind and the value of your family’s safety. However, when you look at the abundant benefits of having AFI and GFCI breakers installed in your home, it is a sound safety investment.

Electrical Wiring:

Putting in an exciting home theater, complete with state-of-the-art surround sound? Maybe you’ve just installed a home gym or home office that needs extra electrical support. Maybe you’ve redone your kitchen- or you simply need to move your appliances around. Has your family grown beyond your current electrical needs? We specialize in rewiring and remodeling electrical so that your family gets the best, safest use from your electricity.

There is no electrical job too big or too small for the trusty electrical contractors at CroppMetcalfe. We’re proud to be a member of the community in Marshalls, VA, so call us at 540-347-3024 today.


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"I've been a CroppMetcalfe customer for 9 years and you have always provided outstanding service. I just had my semi-annual maintenance done, and I wanted to thank George for the truly outstanding service, professionalism, and excellent advice. He is definitely one of the best 5-Star Technicians I've had! Thank you CroppMetcalfe!"

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