Ken Abramowitz Clients


Ken and CroppMetcalfe have worked together to provide you with these special offers


Heating Maintenance Check                                     $69 per heating system
Make sure your heating system is running at maximum efficiency and capacity and has no safety issues
Annual HVAC Preferred Service Policy                               $135 per system
Included in your Preferred Service Plan:
  • Priority Service
    • We Service our Preferred Service Policy (PSP) Customers FIRST!
  • Two Planned Maintenance Checks Per Year*
    • Not just an inspection but a true maintenance check to assure your system is operating properly and at peak efficiency and capacity
  • Filter Replacement
    • While filters are not included, we will install your filter or provide one at a special price
  • System Condition Report 
    • You will receive a full report on your system’s operation and we record multiple readings for our records
  • Discounts on Additional CroppMetcalfe Services
    • Phoenix PSP customers will receive a 10% discount on:
      • Plumbing 
      • Pest Control
      • Electrical
      • Home Performance/Indoor Air Quality 
  • Computerized Service Records
    • We maintain a comprehensive record of your system
  • Upgraded Service Agreements Available
    • CroppMetcalfe offers PSPs which cover labor and parts
  • Peace of Mind

Preferred Service Policy Terms

$135 per water source heat pump
“Bronze” PSP
12-month agreement

*Click here for full terms and conditions

*Scheduling of Maintenance Checks
Maintenance checks will be scheduled during March and September of each year. To minimize inconvenience to homeowners, CroppMetcalfe will work with The Ken Abramowitz Group leadership to arrange a maintenance schedule/sign-up sheet over a one-week period.

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Why CroppMetcalfe?

  • Over 40 years of Exceeding customer’s expectations
  • One of the largest service companies in the nation
  • Factory trained and certified Technicians
  • Priority Service 
  • National Contractor of the Year
  • Available to serve you 7 days a week
  • Drug Free Workplace
Our Goal:
“Customers For Life”