Replacing an Outlet with a USB

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Most devices these days require or utilize some form of USB system to properly charge. Smartphones and other mobile devices, tablets, bluetooth headphones, speakers and more charge via USB cable, and sometimes you don’t have enough charging adapters or open outlets to go around. 


Direct access to USB ports allows you to plug in a charger without using an adapter, saving you time and frustration—not to mention freeing up outlets to use for three-prong appliances. Here are some advantages to replacing a traditional outlet with a USB outlet:

More Efficient

Charging your devices becomes much more efficient when you replace outlets with USB ports. Many USB outlets include smart chips to determine the right charging amperage of each device you plug in, automatically adjusting to charge your device as quickly as possible. In fact, devices like smartphones and bluetooth headphones can charge up to 40 percent faster via USB outlet compared to a USB port in a laptop or TV. 

Ditch the Adapters

If you have trouble keeping track of your adapters then replacing outlets with USB outlets is precisely the update your home electrical system needs. Keep all of your adapters in a safe place so you can easily grab them when you’re on the go, but don’t waste time searching for them when you’re hanging around the house. With USB outlets, you can plug chargers directly into the wall receptacle—no adapter needed. 

Free Space

How many times have you unplugged a toaster or a lamp to make space for your phone charger? By replacing outlets with USB outlets, you can have the best of both worlds. Use the USB ports to charge up your electronics while freeing up three-prong outlets to plug in other necessary appliances. 

Simple Installation

If your home is newer or you've recently replaced the wiring in your home then installing a USB outlet is no more difficult than installing a standard outlet—a relatively quick and simple process. Don’t attempt to handle outlet replacement yourself unless you have electrical experience, otherwise you could end up shocking yourself or causing a short-circuit.

Modernize Your Electrical System with USB Outlets

Upgrade your outlets to work for your everyday electrical needs. CroppMetcalfe’s 5-Star electricians can expertly replace three-prong outlets with sleek USB ports to accommodate all of your devices. Call or schedule outlet replacement services online today.


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