Go Green

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Go Green Initiative


At CroppMetcalfe we believe in energy conservation and strive to relay that message to all of our customers. We believe that by saving our customers money through reducing operating costs we can also help the environment, being a family oriented company we know that what we do now will affect those that come after us. Our efforts to remain an energy conscious company extend not only to our products and services but also apply to inner office workings.

  • We offer “Green” high efficiency motors that use up to 74% less energy
  • We offer Chemical coil cleaner that is certified green.
  • We offer solutions to reduce your carbon footprint
  • We offer solutions to reduce outside air ventilation to “only when required” thereby saving significant energy usage
  • We have a recycling program for our office waste as well as all of the old HVAC equipment.
  • We use nitrogen in our vehicle tires to save on gas usage