Plumbing Bootcamp

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CroppMetcalfe Plumbing Bootcamp

This course is designed to provide students with the basics of plumbing inspections. The course starts with an introduction to tools used in the trade and how to operate them safely. Students will learn about household plumbing fixtures and how to install, troubleshoot and repair basic plumbing problems.

Graduates will be able to perform plumbing inspections and have an understanding of how household plumbing works and where problems can occur with minimal supervision.

Areas and Topics Covered

  • Toilets
  • Snaking Drains
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Sump Pump & Sewer Injection
  • Soldering
  • Water Heaters (Gas & Electric)
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Customer Service/Soft Skills

Details of The Program

  • 4 Week Intensive Hands-On Training Program
  • Over 70 hours in the classroom
  • Over 50 hours in the field
  • Earn a certificate in plumbing inspection procedures


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What Our Customers Say...

"I've been a CroppMetcalfe customer for 9 years and you have always provided outstanding service. I just had my semi-annual maintenance done, and I wanted to thank George for the truly outstanding service, professionalism, and excellent advice. He is definitely one of the best 5-Star Technicians I've had! Thank you CroppMetcalfe!"

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