Core Values

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CroppMetcalfe Core Values


At CroppMetcalfe, our core values are important to our decision-making process. When we follow these values, we know that it will always lead to us serving our customers, co-workers, and company. 

  • Customer Focused
    • ​We look at our business practices through our customer's eyes. It should always be easy to do business with us. We will remove roadblocks and make all interactions simple, smooth, and pleasant.
  • Care and Respect for Our Family
    • ​Our co-workers are our family. We are committed to the growth and success of our co-workers. We will support our co-workers through education, encouragement, and a safe work environment.
  • Empowerment
    • ​Our customer's satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. Every co-worker is empowered to make decisions to best satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • A Financially Sustainable Future
    • We are committed to ensuring CroppMetcalfe is financially stable and follows a path of conservative, sustained growth. Profitablity allows us to support our customer's needs and to provide a stable platform for our co-worker's opportunity, prosperity, and a secure future.
  • Integrity
    • We are committed to the highest moral and ethical principles.