ComfortGuard Testimonials

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ComfortGuard Testimonials

"ComfortGuard is wonderful!  

It was a very hot day in August and apparently my air conditioner has stopped running. I had just walked into the door and I get a call from CroppMetcalfe asking whether my air conditioner was working. It was warm in the house and sure enough it would not come on. CroppMetcalfe offered to come out immediately and replace my capacitor.  We knew it was the capacitor since I had received an alert a few months prior stating that it was weak.  

Once my 5 Star technician Michael Trainor replaced the capacitor the system was up and running again. It is also nice to get the efficiency reports each month via email. And you can immediately see  your efficiency rating soar when you replace your filter. Our family likes tech!"

- Jen. N

"Comfort Guard and Support team is truly amazing.

Once installed I call to verify systems and monitoring are communicating properly. The feedback I received on my last install was with existing equipment. They were able to recognize that the system was working too hard.

The amperage was a bit too much over the specs for that system which means more money wasted. Turns out the system was overcharged with refrigerant for the last three years. I removed some refrigerant, amperage went down, more savings and better comfort for the customer."

- Dan D., a CroppMetcalfe 5-Star Technician

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The email address and phone numbers are good ways to reach me.

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