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Technology, Hardware, and Reporting 


Once installed by a certified technician, ComfortGuard is a collection of sensors and gauges that monitor your HVAC systems performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These sensors are installed on both the indoor and the outdoor systems. Information is transmitted wireless via a router that connects directly with your existing high-speed internet connection. 


The sesnors and ports above in the ComfortGuard picture report to the ComfortGuard Portal, an area that you will be able to log into to view your system's performance and check on any alerts the system may have sent you. 


Live HVAC Data


ComfortGuard monitors your system in real-time. This means any problems can be caught and fixed properly, even before your system breaks down! 

ComfortGuard App


With the ComfortGuard App, you can monitor your system's performance from anywhere - using the same tablet or smart phone you already use everyday.