In-Sink Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement


How long have you been living with that broken or clogged garbage disposal? It’s time for a call to CroppMetcalfe plumbing team to resolve that problem quickly and efficiently.

Your in-sink disposal actually helps keep your pipes in good working order by preventing clogs and blockages, so it’s worth the effort to have yours repaired or replaced. Plus, your disposal is an efficient way to dispose of vegetable and organic waste – more environmentally sound than sending those scraps to a landfill. And rest assured, our 5-Star Plumbing team will make your disposal service call a positive and painless experience. We can fix any garbage disposal problem, recommend a new garbage disposal if you need it, and install your new system promptly and expertly.

Our technicians will also help you put best practices in place to keep your in-sink garbage disposal working safely and properly, starting with basic tips like:

  • Never put non-food trash such as metal or plastic down the garbage disposal

  • Run your faucet during and after you use the garbage disposal to keep material flowing smoothly

  • Do not put any type of fat down the garbage disposal, it’s a recipe for clogging and odor

  • Feed waste slowly through the garbage disposal to prevent jams

Anywhere in Northern Virginia, DC and the Maryland suburbs, CroppMetcalfe will head your way and get your disposal working efficiently, safely and quietly.