Backflow Prevention & Backflow Services


Backflow and your plumbing, what is it? Backflow occurs when unwanted contaminates are siphoned or back-pressured into the drinking water system. This may be due to something as simple as a lawn sprinkler head, located in your yard, living in a pool of yard/animal waste, pesticides, and/or fertilizers. Backflow prevention helps to protect your drinking water from potential contamination due to backflow. Essentially, it keeps good drinking water and bad water separate.

You can think of backflow prevention like a smoke alarm. You hope there's never an issue, but if there is, you're glad you have the protection. There are a few options when looking into backflow prevention. The first is known as PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker), and the second is RP (Reduced Pressure-Principle). The main difference between the two is the installation location parameters. Both of these prevention assemblies require an annual test.

Did You Know?

If you own a commercial property in the area, then your backflow system must be inspected by a certified Backflow plumber annually. In some areas, even residential systems must be inspected annually as well.

Did you also know the installation, repair, replacement, or testing of your backflow prevention must be performed by a licensed plumber at least at the Journeyman license level, with an approved 32-hour cross connection course. Not all plumbing companies meet this requirement, but the CroppMetcalfe technician testing your backflow will, and they are ready and able to test your backflow prevention and ensure safe drinking water for you and your family.

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