Career Paths for You and Your Employees

To support your professional advancement, CroppMetcalfe offers career paths for business owners and their employees. As a result, many business owners join our management team and their employees gain access to a full range of training programs aimed at improving their technical knowledge and increasing their earning potential.

Consider that:
  • Many of our employees have spent most or all of their careers with CroppMetcalfe, a credit to our company and the people who work here.
  • Today, several former business owners and managers are now managers leading our company.
Hear From Previous Owners and Employees

In 2007 CroppMetcalfe purchased the assets of Marvin Cowherd Air Conditioning. During the entire process, owner Don Wohlfarth was concerned about his customers. "I built my business by providing excellent service to my customers and was concerned that any buyer would not place such a high emphasis on doing it the right way. Mitchell Cropp had a reputation for high quality and that’s why I approached him. I chose to sell to CroppMetcalfe because they would take care of my customers. That was important to me."

In 2003 CroppMetcalfe purchased the assets of Primary Multicraft and hired over 100 of its employees. Several current CroppMetcalfe managers trace their roots to Primary including Todd Longerbeam, Plumbing Operations Manager. Todd’s first impression was that CroppMetcalfe had high expectations for both staff and management and placed a high emphasis on training. This is a key reason CroppMetcalfe has grown into an industry leader.

If you are interested in selling your business, please use the contact information below:
Mitchell Cropp
CroppMetcalfe CEO
(703) 698-8855 (phone)
(703) 698-9158 (fax)
Rob Greenblatt
CroppMetcalfe Business Development Manager
(703) 280-3820 (phone)
(703) 698-4207 (fax)