Thinking of retiring or moving on?

Selling your business is hard to do, especially because you spent years building your company and relationships with customers. It may be time to talk to CroppMetcalfe.

  • You have pressure from the bank, health issues, partnership problems or family issues that take away from the fun.

  • The business is successful, but additional investment or a personal guarantee is required.

  • You finally realized the dream of being a business owner, but the years have passed, and it’s time to retire and smell the roses.

Whatever the reason, consider CroppMetcalfe. Thirty years ago CroppMetcalfe was founded on the simple principle of creating “Customers For Life.” We train our people so they provide exceptional service during every customer interaction.

CroppMetcalfe is searching for contractors who are interested in selling their business and joining our team, creating "Customers For Life!"