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Filtration Facts

Sep 08, 2015

Water filtration:

Whether you've seen white particles around your faucet or clogging a shower head, yellow stains on your clothes after washing, or a chlorine smell in your water, the problem is generally the same. You are drinking, bathing in, or cleaning with potentially harmful chemicals.

Here are some quick facts:

  • City water filtration does nothing for water hardness.
  • Often chlorine is used to disinfect water, but it is not filtered out.
  • Average water hardness in DC Metro area is between 7-13 grains per gallon (gpg).
  • Best way to filter water is to do it once inside your home.

CroppMetcalfe can test your water to check pH, hardness, iron, and help reduce certain unwanted chemicals. If an issue is found, our technicians are able to install under sink or whole house water filters, as well as whole house water softeners.



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