CroppMetcalfe Academy

Have you noticed recent news articles on the rising cost of colleges and student debt? Are you a driven individual who likes working with your hands, but is finding a traditional university is not for you?

CroppMetcalfe Academy could be the path you've been looking for!

HVAC and Plumbing are industries that are always in-demand (just ask anyone with no heating/cooling or a flooded basement!). This means qualified, trained technicians have job security with room for advancement.


CroppMetcalfe Academy is a certified, standalone apprenticeship program where students get hands on training in HVAC and Plumbing. Each trade has its own four year program. When a student graduates, he or she will qualify to take their Journeyman's exam. 

We are currently accepting enrollment for our Fall Semester, starting Monday,August 17th. Complete the interest form below and someone will be happy to discuss the program with you.

We also offer additional training classes including NATE Training, EPA Prep and Testing, and HVAC and Plumbing Boot Camps.

Here's a little more information on CroppMetcalfe Academy Apprenticeship Programs:


Year 1:
Introduce the apprentice to basic refrigeration cycle, refrigerants and refrigeration oil, piping practices, basic electricity, introduction to heating equipment and tools, safety, and trade math.

Year 2:
Introduce the apprentice to basic air conditioning systems, refrigerant controls, electric motors, circuits and controls, functions, air filtration, safety, and trade math.

Year 3:
Introduce the apprentice to troubleshooting gas, electric, and oil heat, troubleshooting heat pumps, cooling systems, and accessories, preventative maintenance, system balancing, hydronics, boilers, commercial refrigeration, and chilled water systems.

Year 4:
Introduce the apprentice to blueprint reading, heat load/gain calculations, air distribution systems, psychometrics, air flow measurements, troubleshooting heating, refrigeration and HVAC electrical systems, writing diagrams, NEC and International Mechanical codes, and trade math.


Year 1:
Introduce the apprentice to basic plumbing tools and technology, including, joining pipes and fittings, trade math, safety and more.

Year 2:
Introduce the apprentice to water piping materials and sizing, water heaters, sewage disposal, drainage fixtures, building drains and stacks, venting materials and sizing. Basic trade math will also be discussed.

Year 3:
Introduce the apprentice to residential, commercial and industrial installation practices, including cross connections, offsets, elevations, and grades, builder’s level and transits methods, construction integrity, gas codes, blueprint reading, and trade math.

Year 4:
Prepare the apprentice to take the licensing exam, which includes the study of International Codes and fire sprinkler systems.


Tuition (includes books, lab fees, and online classes)

  • $1,865 - HVAC program
  • $1,690 - Plumbing program

Tuition can be paid quarterly via cash, check, or credit card. Discounted for CroppMetcalfe co-workers. 


Our program is available in both Fairfax, VA and Beltsville, MD. The apprenticeship program typically runs from Fall through Spring and will take four years to complete. Classes are held in the evening after normal working hours to accommodate current work schedules and generally will meet one day per week. If you are currently working in the HVAC or Plumbing fields, your work hours may count as your required “on-the-job hours.”

Orientation and last day to enroll: August 14

Classes Begin: August 24th

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